WHY we're in business. 


To create advertising WINS for our Clients.


WHAT we are. 


A digital ad agency. 


WHEN we started. 


Founded in the Spring of 2011 by husband and wife team:

Jim & Holly Owsley.  


HOW we work. 


We specialize in 3 areas: 

  1. Producing ads.
  2. Publishing ads.
  3. Tracking ads.



When it comes to creating ads that people want to read, watch, or click on their device of choice, we use a timeless copywriting & design methodology called IEEO:

  • Innovate & Interrupt: We help create innovations for your business or improve how to communicate innovations you already have in place.  Then we write headlines and utilize pictures (still pictures & motion pictures) that help interrupt people's attention.
  • Engage: Once we have their attention, we further engage them with your ads using compelling sub-headlines.
  • Educate: When ad space allows, this section is where we spend time sharing more details about what makes your product/service any better... or any different than competing choices (numbers & statistics are often good here).
  • Offer: This final section includes a  low-risk offer for viewers to take another step toward buying from you.

(across devices)


If ya don't mind a little geek-speak once in awhile, below is some technical (but not too technical) details on how we publish your ads.   


We specialize in programmatic advertising: the purchasing of digital advertising inventory through automated technology that uses real-time bidding to buy impressions based on a combination of...

  • Unstructured, high-quality user data.
  • Inventory specs from websites that sell ad inventory (publishers).
  • And a host of other campaign factors engineered to optimize results for you.

To use a familiar metaphor, programmatic is like fishing (we're native Idahoans)... for a specific type of fish... in specific sections of water... using a nifty fish-finder to see exactly where the fish are swimming that day... and that's when we drop attractive bait (your ads).


Programmatic is not your traditional "spray & pray" advertising.  It's a hyper-targeted way to put your brand(s) in front of a more qualified buying audience.


Giant Killer is not a set-it and forget-it agency.  We stay engaged!




Online advertising offers an unprecedented wealth of analytics on ad campaigns.  The level of detail we can now report on is remarkable. 


For example:

  • When a user views an ad.
  • When a user clicks an ad.
  • Where a user was located when they viewed/clicked. 
  • After viewing an ad(s), users who then enter a conversion zone.
  • Completion percentages on video ads running pre/mid/post-roll.
  • Which search terms are the most popular when triggering ads we serve to your buying audience.
  • How those search terms drive creative strategy for your next campaigns. 
  • When a user visits your website.
  • and more.

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