Sizzle Reel by Stephen "The Magician" Mendenhall



WHY we exist. 


To create advertising wins for the underdogs out there!


WHAT we are. 


A professional advertising agency specializing in corporate video, sales support and ROI metrics to track what's working and what marketing/advertising needs adjusted in your day-to-day business.


WHO we work with. 


For-profit and non-profit organizations with 10 - 110+ employees.


WHEN we started. 


Founded in the Spring of 2011.  


HOW we're different. 

100% of our projects stand on The 3 Pillars of Killer Advertising:

  1. We help you have something GOOD TO SAY about your current product/service.  If needed, we lead you through innovation development to further separate you from the pack.  
  2. This one is the most challenging of the 3 per today’s crowded online/offline market.  Challenge accepted cuz we help you SAY IT WELL with compelling messaging that your ideal buyers want to read/watch/listen to so they can make an educated buying/donating decision about YOU!
  3. We help you SAY IT OFTEN through online & offline media where your audience is looking & listening.

Let's Talk Options for Your Next Video Project


  • $750 (per student)
  • Two-hour Sessions
  • Hands-on!
  • Learn Basics of Filming With Your Smartphone
  • Affordable Lighting & Audio
  • Best Camera Angles
  • Simple Editing
  • Shooting B-Roll
  • and More!


  • $295 / Hour
  • Book Me as Much or as Little as You Need Throughout Your Project for Help with:
  • Storyboarding
  • Location/Set Design
  • Casting
  • Camera Set-up, Lighting, Audio
  • Shoot Day
  • Editing
  • Publishing


  • $TBD per project scope
  • It's All Us on This One
  • We'll Handle All the Pre/Live/Post Production Work (with Your Sign-Offs Along the Way)
  • Our Gear
  • Our Knowledge/Experience
  • Our Superpowers (we have a knack for helping people feel at ease on camera)
  • 50% Down to Start
  • 50% Upon Completion