WHY we exist. 


To advance industry underdogs.


WHAT we are. 


Ad Agency (of the gutsy ilk).


WHO we work with. 


For-profits and non-profits.


WHEN we started. 


Spring of 2011.


HOW much.

Videography | Cinematography

  • 1-10 Employees: 
    Videography: $3,750/finished minute of professional production
    Cinematography: $10,750/finished minute of professional production
  • 11-25 Employees:
    Videography: $4,750/finished minute of professional production 
    Cinematography: $11,750/finished 
    minute of professional production 
  • 26 - 50 Employees:
    Videography: $
    5,750/finished minute 
    of professional production
    Cinematography: $12,750/finished minute of professional production 
  • 51+ Employees: 
    Videography: $7,750/finished minute 
    of professional production
    Cinematography: $13,750/finished minute of professional production  

Fees above are all-inclusive to include:

  • Pre-production meetings
  • Project management
  • Live set consulting
  • Directing talent
  • Filming with XLR audio and professional lighting as applicable
  • Filming b-roll/action footage to illustrate interview content as applicable
  • Professional editing with branding throughout, royalty-free soundtrack, and call-to-action on end screen
  • Youtube channel upload and tags to optimize search results/views

For quotes on your other marketing, advertising, and sales tools projects drop us a note HERE.


HOW we're different.


Gonna let others take that one HERE.