Recent Case Study

"We've worked with other online advertising firms before and could never verify that their technology made a business impact for us. The Giant Killer platform proved different.  We're enjoying positive advertising metrics within days after launching campaigns. Great to have Jim & Team at the wheel!"    

- G. Danielson, Doctor of Physical Therapy & VP of Operations - RehabAuthority

The Goals

  • Develop a custom digital advertising strategy to promote physical therapy services to 2 campaign groups: (Group 1) Crossfit gym members who want to stop chronic aches & pain without pills or surgery.  (Group 2) Patients who've been referred to physical therapy by their Doctor.
  • Generate calls, eMails, and walk-in traffic to participating Physical Therapy clinics.

  • Reach the above two groups who represent people "on the go" and using multiple devices throughout the day (smartphones, tablets, laptops, & desktops).

The Tactics

  • Programmatic bid-buying of ad inventory on websites and in-phone apps that each user frequents.

  • Geofencing of local area Crossfit gyms and doctor's offices where we served video, display, and native ads to device users.

  • Search retargeting & keyword contextual targeting around Crossfit topics and general health & fitness topics.

The Results

  • Over a half million impressions across display, native, & video ads

  • 155,455 completed views of  video ads.

  • 213 total weighted actions: prospective Patients seeing the ads on their devices before, during, and after visiting area gyms, hospital campuses, and doctor's offices and then entering one of the five participating physical therapy clinics.

  • All 3 ad styles (video/native/display) consistently outperformed the national average click-through-rate (CTR) by 201%.

  • Unique visits to the clinic's website-landing page went up 456% from the year prior.

  • New Patient evaluations went up 6%.